Amadeus service

The best service for our residents

Smart Home

Apartments are equipped with the “Smart Home” system

Enhanced security

Limited access to apartments and security guarantee. Automatic opening of the entrance door at the approach by a chip in the key fob

Cleaning of premises

Wet cleaning of staircases, corridors, elevator, parking, as well as granite slabs at the entrance to the house and the entrance to the parking

Designer bathroom

Designed toilet facilities at the parking area

Aroma service

Aroma service in the corridor and parking

Sound comfort

Sound comfort. Lounge music in the corridors and parking, pleasant doorbells in the apartments, silent elevator

Live plants

Live plants in corridors for aesthetics and health

Automatic gates

High-speed and silent parking gates. Opening at the approach by the license plate scanner at the entrance

Car wash at the parking

Availability of a car wash in the parking lot

Electronic charging

Electronic charging station for electric cars

Storage rooms

Storage rooms for all apartments with storage space for strollers, bicycles for children and adults, children`s electric cars with the possibility of recharging

Mobile app

Mobile application of our network with access to online orders for food, tickets, restaurants, taxi, etc


Transfers to / from the airport through the VIP zone

Taking out the trash

Daily collection of garbage from apartments

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of clothes with door-to-door delivery

Shoe shine

Shoe shine


Internal TV network

Health and sports

Fitness & SPA +sauna

Lounge cafe

Mini Lounge cafe with access to the terrace or patio

Room service

Room service once a week, including cleaning with a change of linen

Food delivery

Food delivery to the door of the apartment according to the personal recommendations of nutritionists

Collecting analyzes

Collecting analyzes from the apartments among apartment owners

Refueling vehicles

Refueling vehicles

Master call

Calling an electrician, plumber, locksmith through a tablet